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Accomodation, Rooms

Auberge Berberes offers Single Rooms, Double Rooms, Triple Rooms and Berber Tent in Sahara. Our rooms are decorated with Saharan taste and will make you enjoy each moment. Our staff will join you for that “Tea in Sahara” you always dreamt of.

Restaurant Merzouga Sahara Desert Morocco

Restaurant with Berber Moroccan cuisine

You can taste the real food of Sahara and Morocco in our hotel’s restaurant. We can offer you diverse home made food made by our specialized staff. You can try our famous couscous or tajine.

Bivouac Berber Tents Merzouga Sahara Desert Morocco

Berber Tents

Our Berber tents are without a doubt one of the best from all the tents in the region. Our tents are located right on the dunes and you can have your own space and live right on the dunes. We orientate our tents to a central communal space that has a fire place that will be the perfect thing for you to enjoy cold Sahara nights watching the starts.

Tents in Sahara Desert Morocco

Bivouac parties

Our groups of tents are enough to provide space to big groups that wish to enjoy Sahara with lots of music, party and al Sahara has to offer. We have a group of tents that group all together to a main one (big tent) and several other small tents for desert accommodation. Please contact us for further information.

Auberge Berberes Merzouga
Auberge Berberes
Hotel Merzouga

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Désert du Sahara - Maroc
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